Susan Valiquette Photography

In one of my fondest childhood memories, I am standing on a stool next to my uncle in an old coal room he had converted to a darkroom in the basement of our home. The thrill of watching an image slowly appear on paper remains as strong today as it first was so many years ago.
Yet while I continue to love the darkroom, I have learned that the real mystery is what takes place on the journey to that darkness. For while equipment is important, it is secondary to the gift of sight that allows you to find the heart of a subject and leads to the creation of images that can resonate for years to come.
Photography has helped to slow me down, to see how light touches objects in abstract and wonderful ways and to appreciate anew the beauty of the gift that is our world. In the past few years, I have been able to narrow my vision from taking large landscapes, which I truly love, to seeing the small possibilities, be they a blade of grass, a drop of water or the interplay of light and shadow caught in the eyes of an unsuspecting person.
Hopefully, my images will inspire others to take a second look at their world and perhaps see that world a bit differently than they did before. I so love the possibilities and look forward to being able to continue this journey of learning and growth.